It’s Good to be Back!

Hello FestForschers! Fedora Dan is back in the blogger’s chair after an extended leave. The chair’s gathered dust, but it feels as good as ever. There’s a lot to share in this developers post. I have to explain myself for my leave, Fedora Dan has a new position, tons of new stories and blog posts are on the horizon, and I want to introduce a company to you all. With that to-do, let’s get right into the news!

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Down to Earth

Good morning FestForschers!

80-degree weather shatters winters hold on PA. Flowers bloom, butterflies flutter, and clear skies are here in time for Earth Day! Berks County is blossoming for the holiday as we got two weeks of events dedicated to our blue and green space marble. Explore events in Berks County, and join FestForschers as we get down to earth with the 18th featured edition!

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The Most American Post Ever

Good morning FestForschers!

April’s first two weeks are loaded with awesome events. In possibly the most American post ever: we got jazz, railway rides, civil war weekends, baseball games, video game conventions, and so much more. Get your favorite pair of jeans, sit down with apple pie and sweet tea, and explore the best of Berks County events in the 17th edition of the FestForscher Features!

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Triple Holiday Special!

Good morning FestForschers!

St. Patricks, Easter, and April Fools all at once? FestForschers awakes from its slumber and offers a first for the site: three holidays in one post. It’s the perfect start to a new FFF format, and one you can’t miss out on. Practice chivalry, find eggs, drink to a good year, and laugh your worries away Berks County. The 16th FFF is here to make March merry for all!

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Performance Perfection

Good morning FestForschers!

It’s certainly rained a lot last week; Even now the clouds drench Berks County in another soaking. But a little rain won’t stop Berks. This week is the incarnation of “the show must go on” in the county. Recitals, plays, comedy shows, and special marvels await on the Berks County stage. Grab your ticket and seat, for—ladies and gentlemen—the 15th edition of the FestForscher Features begins now!

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Getting Fit-ruary!

Good morning FestForschers!

Adventuring around Blue Marsh Lake was one awesome activity! It also kicks off the start of many more activities Berks County has for you! Join Berks County as athletic activities melt the winter away! A special team makes a roaring return and the golden bear of KU is burning the winter fat in an all-day fitness festival! All of this and more awaits in the newest FestForscher Feature post!

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Sensei Chicken & The Future!

Good morning FestForschers!

It’s been a while since the last developer’s post, and there’s much to talk about! While in my downtime, I went out of my way to research how to FestForscher better. This research and development lead to learning from other bloggers; one of which is at my university! With sound advice from Sensei Chicken (which I’ll explain in a moment haha), and with previous lessons in blogging, I now feel more confident about where the blog is going! To be accurate, I feel better about FestForscher on Twitter, the fate of the quiet Destinations tab, future videos, and more! And it’s all in this developer’s blog post!

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