Getting Fit-ruary!

Good morning FestForschers!

Adventuring around Blue Marsh Lake was one awesome activity! It also kicks off the start of many more activities Berks County has for you! Join Berks County as athletic activities melt the winter away! A special team makes a roaring return and the golden bear of KU is burning the winter fat in an all-day fitness festival! All of this and more awaits in the newest FestForscher Feature post!

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Sensei Chicken & The Future!

Good morning FestForschers!

It’s been a while since the last developer’s post, and there’s much to talk about! While in my downtime, I went out of my way to research how to FestForscher better. This research and development lead to learning from other bloggers; one of which is at my university! With sound advice from Sensei Chicken (which I’ll explain in a moment haha), and with previous lessons in blogging, I now feel more confident about where the blog is going! To be accurate, I feel better about FestForscher on Twitter, the fate of the quiet Destinations tab, future videos, and more! And it’s all in this developer’s blog post!

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Semester Specialties!

Good Morning FestForschers!

I love the view from my dorm. My university always hosts awesome events, and many have happened on the DMZ outside of my window! Berks County’s universities never fail with events, and I’m glad to say that you too can see how special Berks County colleges are! Two of the county’s best colleges win this featured event spot! Come explore what university has in store in this edition of the FestForscher Features!

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The Eagles Fly Tonight!

Good morning FestForschers!

It’s here! It’s tonight! The Eagles fly tonight! Like all of America, Berks County is ecstatic about the Eagles v. Patriots Super Bowl LII game! FestForscher’s is not different, as this special edition of the FestForscher Feature is dedicated to the best Eagles party in Berks County! Adorn the man caves in green, order the best cheesesteak you can, and let’s check out the best Eagles party in the 12th edition of FestForscher Features!

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The Birdsboro Best

Good morning FestForschers!

We’ve had days of warm weather this past week! Feels like nature’s finally starting to thaw out, and that’s not the only thing warming up! The county’s thawing out big events, FestForschers is warming up with new upgrades, and the FFF is making a comeback! Come check out this special edition of the FFF as it thaws just in time to check out what Birdsboro’s been up to! Spoilers: It’s something you don’t want to miss!

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Higher Education

Hello FestForschers!

With January nearing its end for 2018, this January hasn’t been as jolly as I’d like it to be. A bad bump in college grades, overloaded blog routines and the general loss of FFF time really hit me hard this month. Thank God for the family though! They gave me good advice that’s cleared the air for FestForschers. Fixes and additions are underway thanks to their input, and I got good news in this Developers Post!


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Fixing. Making. No More Taking.

Good morning FestForschers!

And greetings from another midnight ride. You can say “told you so” if you want. It’s a week after I postponed the last scheduled FFF post due to not having events for it. And now here I am again with another developer’s blog post instead of an FFF. I’ve had a rant and ramble over this blog. There are issues. Painfully made aware as  I work the third time in a row when I should be sleeping. This is about that, and how I’m done with taking time I keep running out of. And there are two big changes that are coming to change this cycle. I hope you enjoy this developers blog post, and let me know what you think!

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